Navigating the Plant-Based Powerhouse

The vegan movement is no longer a niche trend. With a growing focus on health, sustainability, and animal welfare, plant-based options are exploding across supermarkets and restaurants. But with so many brands vying for your attention, choosing the best vegan products, from the best vegan brands, can feel overwhelming. Fear not, fellow plant-powered enthusiasts! This guide will unveil some of the best vegan brands across various categories, helping you navigate this exciting (and delicious) world.

Meatless Mavens: Satisfying Your Cravings

Gone are the days of bland, textureless veggie burgers. Today's vegan meat alternatives are remarkably realistic, boasting mouthwatering flavours and impressive textures. Here are some leading contenders:

  • Beyond Meat: A household name for a reason, Beyond Meat offers an extensive range of plant-based burgers, sausages, and ground "meat" perfect for everything from grilling to tacos. Their hero product, the Beyond Burger, is a classic for a reason, delivering a juicy, satisfying bite that rivals its beef counterpart. It is also making the company a firm favourite with vegans and many consider them one of the best vegan brands.


  • Impossible Foods: Another major player, Impossible Foods is renowned for its Impossible Burger, known for its uncanny resemblance to ground beef in both taste and texture. They've also expanded into sausages and plant-based "meat" crumbles, ideal for vegan bolognese or chili. Their products are currently available in many UK locations. A favourite is Impossible Chicken.


  • Tofurky: A vegan staple for decades, Tofurky offers a wide variety of options, from sliced "turkey" for deli sandwiches to flavourful sausages and hearty roasts. They're known for their reliance on tofu as a base protein, appealing to those seeking familiar textures.


  • Quorn: This brand uses mycoprotein, a fungus-derived protein, to create versatile meat alternatives. Quorn offers everything from nuggets and burgers to mince and fillets, making it a great option for those looking for a unique protein source. Certainly Quorn has become a best vegan brand here in the UK.


  • TiNDLE: This innovative brand focuses on plant-based chicken alternatives. Their Kyiv Garlic & Herb product has been lauded for its realistic texture and delicious flavour, perfect for those missing classic chicken dishes. Already a firm favourite globally with chefs, sure to be big with the everyday vegan and likely to become a best vegan brand.



 Somewhere in between the everyday meal making foodstuffs we seek, burgers, sausages etc., and the basic essentials such as milks and cheeses, lies the luxury of superb quality vegan chocolate. One of the great producers of this special and delicious vegan treat are KAKOA who bring a large range of wonderful chocolates to the party. Indeed many chocolate lovers are firmly of the opinion that KAKOA are well and truly one of the best vegan brands around. If you need convincing then don’t hold back. Jump on in and try out a centre or centres of your choice.

Iconic Milk Vegan 24 Chocolate Box.

Containing award winning ultimate peanut butter amongst other super centres, the Iconic box is a fabulous introduction to the vegan chocolate world. Beautifully packaged and accompanied by other lovelies such as legendary sea salted caramel you can’t lose.

 Dairy Delights: Beyond the Milk Aisle

Plant-based milk alternatives have become a grocery staple, but vegan cheese, yogurt, and even ice cream are now readily available. Here are some brands that excel in dairy-free delights:

  • Oatly: A leader in the plant-based milk revolution, Oatly offers creamy and delicious oat milk perfect for coffee, cereal, or simply enjoying on its own. Their Barista blend is a favourite among coffee shops for its ability to froth like dairy milk.


  • Califia Farms: With a diverse selection of plant-based milks (almond, oat, coconut, and more), Califia Farms caters to various taste preferences. They also offer delicious dairy-free coffee creamers and flavoured milks for a sweet treat.


  • Daiya: When it comes to vegan cheese, Daiya is a frontrunner. Their pizzas and cheese shreds are popular choices, offering a melty texture and cheesy flavour that rivals dairy options. They also have a variety of plant-based yogurts and cream cheeses.


  • So Delicious Dairy Free: This brand boasts a vast selection of coconut milk-based yogurts, ice creams, and even cheese alternatives. Their creamy, flavourful yogurts come in various fruit and flavour combinations, while their ice creams offer a delightful indulgence without the dairy.


  • Follow Your Heart: Another strong contender in the vegan cheese category, Follow Your Heart offers a variety of cheese shreds and slices perfect for pizzas, pasta dishes, or snacking. Their Gouda slices are a particular favourite for their melt ability and rich flavour.


Beyond the Meal: Vegan Powerhouses

Vegan living extends beyond meals. Here are some more of the best vegan brands offering cruelty-free options for various needs:

  • Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps: This brand offers versatile, natural, and effective Castile soaps that are perfect for body wash, dish soap, laundry detergent, and even cleaning surfaces. Their commitment to ethical sourcing and fair trade practices makes them a favourite among eco-conscious consumers.


  • Thrive Market: This online membership-based store offers a curated selection of vegan pantry staples, snacks, and personal care items at discounted prices. They prioritize ethical sourcing and sustainability, making it a convenient and conscious way to shop vegan.


  • Patagonia: A leader in outdoor apparel, Patagonia offers a wide range of vegan-friendly clothing and gear. They prioritize recycled materials and sustainable practices, making them a go-to brand for eco-conscious adventurers.


  • Urban Outfitters: While not exclusively vegan, Urban Outfitters offers a surprisingly good selection of vegan clothing, shoes, and accessories. They stock independent labels using sustainable and cruelty-free materials.