Chocolate Awards

We think our chocolate is epic but it’s nice when other people think the same. We are proud to have won two Great Taste Awards.

Here is what the lovely people at the Great Taste Awards said about our ultimate peanut butter truffle.

‘Pleasing looking truffles, with a fluffy centre. The contrast in textures is pleasing and there is some nuttiness present. We really liked the subtle, creamy chocolate flavour and the nuttiness to set it off. Very enjoyable truffles’.

Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate

And this is what they said about our dark side chocolate.

'A thick chocolate shell, the dark chocolate has a rich and fruity flavour. The praline centre is bursting with notes of roasted hazelnuts and milky coffee, it is tasty and enjoyable'.

We take months developing new chocolates, from that initial seed of an idea, until it reaches the shelves. As with all fine food it begins with the raw material, in our case – the cocoa. We take great care in sourcing our chocolate, not just ensuring we are selecting the best tasting chocolate, but also making sure it is sourced in the most sustainable way.

Our master chocolatier will then start experimenting with flavour combinations until they feel the chocolate is perfectly balanced. Texture, flavour…everything has to be just right.

It is then put to our tasting panel and hopefully a new chocolate is born!


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