There’s chocolate, and then there’s Great Taste Awards Vegan Chocolate.


Yes, we can proudly say we are those people who can offer you just such chocolate finery. With two of our wonderful creations being cited by the Great Taste Awards Vegan Chocolate we are justifiably, well slightly or is that pretty well chuffed.
Ultimate Peanut Butter Truffle

This is what the lovely folk at the Great Taste Awards had to say about our Ultimate Peanut Butter truffles:

‘Pleasing looking truffles, with a fluffy centre. The contrast in textures is pleasing and there is some nuttiness present. We really liked the subtle, creamy chocolate flavour and the nuttiness to set it off. Very enjoyable truffles’. Very enjoyable, whilst bearing the accolades of the Great Taste Awards Vegan Chocolate judges too. Sounds good does it not?

 Not only were our Ultimate Peanut Butter truffles praised, but the wise folk of the Great Taste Awards Vegan Chocolates also found themselves venturing over to the dark side. Our Dark Side Chocolate that is.



Dark Side Chocolate

About our Dark Side they were equally enthused:

'A thick chocolate shell, the dark chocolate has a rich and fruity flavour. The praline centre is bursting with notes of roasted hazelnuts and milky coffee, it is tasty and enjoyable'.

In the hallowed halls of the Great Taste Awards, where discerning palates gather to judge the finest food and drink from around the globe, a category shines with unexpected brilliance: vegan chocolate. And at the forefront of this revolution in flavour stands KAKOA, a brand carving its name with every exquisite, ethically-sourced bite. KAKOA vegan chocolate is really good anyway but when hailed by the Great Taste Awards, well, that’s even more reason to join us. Anyway the best way to discover excellence is to try for one’s self. So crack on and see what the Great Taste Awards Vegan Chocolate from the dark side is waiting to bring to your taste buds.

Forget chalky aftertastes and monotonous textures. KAKOA's creations are a revelation, proving that plant-based indulgence can soar to dizzying heights of flavour and experience. Their journey began with a simple question: "Can vegan chocolate be truly exceptional?" The answer, meticulously crafted with organic ingredients and an abundance of passion, is a resounding yes.

But accolades don't just happen. KAKOA's commitment to excellence has been showered with gold stars at the Great Taste Awards, testament to their unwavering dedication to crafting unforgettable vegan chocolate experiences. Let's delve into the world of these award-winning delights:

Stand by to discover some of KAKOA’s other great vegan chocolates. Who knows when the next contender for the Great Taste Awards will hurtle towards vegan chocolate glory. To be fair Ultimate Peanut Butter Truffles and Dark Side are tough acts to follow but the KAKOA stable doesn’t rest on it’s laurels. The aim is always upwards to achieve great vegan chocolates, and if the odd title comes along well………………….

So, whether you're a seasoned vegan chocolate connoisseur or simply curious about exploring new frontiers of indulgence, take a bite of KAKOA's Great Taste Awards Vegan Chocolate winning creations. You'll discover that in the realm of plant-based treats, extraordinary experiences and exquisite flavours are not only possible, but celebrated. They're waiting to be unwrapped, savoured, and shared. Are you ready to join the revolution?