There are of course, many fine plant based chocolates to be found out there. But at KAKOA we like to give you a little help and a bit of a push in the right direction so we humbly, but confidently, would like to point you in the right direction. So, on that basis, we give you 5 examples of plant based chocolate that you need to try.


Currently we offer the largest range of plant based chocolates in the UK. Eighteen to be exact, so there's no problem for us to introduce you to 5 examples of plant based chocolate you need to try from our extensive list.


Plant Based Peanut Butter Chocolate


Peanut butter is a bit of an understatement really. These are our great taste, award winning 'Ultimate' peanut butter vegan milk chocolates. That's quite a mouthful. In words as well as chocolate. But, we have no doubt that once you have tried these beauties you will be back for more. Super creamy plant based with a remarkably smooth peanut butter truffle filling they really do push the boat out on great taste.


Talking of pushing boats, leads us to water, which in turn lets us tell you of how we like to do our bit to give back. Because, we have undertaken to give a percentage of each KAKOA sale to the cause of planting sea grass. Five per cent of each sale actually. Yep, another reason we are proud of our vegan venture, chocolate with a conscience and a helping hand for nature. On the subject of sea grass you can find some pretty cool and impressive stats on our website. Click on the future and be part of the journey with us.


Plant Based Mega White Chocolate Truffles


There's a place in all our hearts for some fine white chocolate. There's also a mega white chocolate truffle on offer for those of you who enjoy the finer things. KAKOA hit the spot again here with plant based chocolate, flavoured with a hint of vanilla. Are we over confident when we say we believe our white truffle is the best white vegan chocolate out there? No, it's good. Very good. Super chocolate with a sound philosophy behind it. Cruelty free and planet friendly. Boom!



Plant Based Dark Side Chocolate


Or to be more accurate, vegan dark side plant based chocolates of the highest quality. With a 50% hazelnut content praline and an incredibly lush dark chocolate we have made a belting box of dark desires here. There's no risk or shame in coming over to our dark side. Just the promise of a cracking good chocolate to be savoured and maybe even shared. Oh yes, it has also won a great taste award. Our dark side has a bit of depth to it, and a whole lotta quality.



Plant Based The Pretzel 1 Chocolates


Sometimes you just can't quite choose between chocolates. Do you go for milk, white, dark? Hold up, what about a combo? Sound good? Take a crack at our plant based solution. The Pretzel 1 is an epic combination of the sweet and the savoury. A very substantial 50% hazelnut praline which is sharpened by a pinch of salt, wrapped in a slinky smooth, vegan milk chocolate and then finally, topped with our creamy oat milk white chocolate before being crowned with pretzel.

Congrats, you have reached a new level in chocolate pleasure.


Plant Based Awesome Brownie Chocolate


If you like ticking boxes then you've chosen wisely. Vegan, awesome and brownie, in no particular order as they say on TV. Many of us will have enjoyed the brownie as a dessert, but here you can enjoy a vegan alternative that is truly awesome. A plant based chocolate alternative that is. If your conscience is pricked it will only be by way of over indulgence. A 60% dark cacao centre subtly wrapped in a 40% milk chocolate coat and infused with just the right amount of biscuit crumb. My oh my! Anyone for pudding?



All you have to do now is decide which or how many of our 5 examples of plant based chocolate you need to try that you actually will. Whichever you can be guaranteed to enjoy them. Put your taste buds into a twizzle and your mind into a state of positivity. Indulge, enjoy, give back. Strictly cruelty free, could you ask for more?


Well you could always add some of your own favourite treat or dishes. Top your porridge with peanut butter. Sprinkle your dairy free ice cream with some awesome vegan brownie (probably quite a bit of brownie to be fair).


Don't forget to check out all our range on the KAKOA website where you can be swayed by the genuine opinions of others in some genuine reviews;


Plant based vegan Iconic 24 chocolate collection;


"Gorgeous vegan chocolates. Best I have tried"


"As a non-Dairy (lactose intolerant) person I have waited 30 years to find fabulous Vegan Chocolates. I have tried others picked up a box of Kakoa in the Lake District as I live in hope and Wow. When my small box was finished I found the Online Shopand ordered the Vegan Iconic Collection.........I'm definitely not sharing!"


The possibilities are endless, as are the joys to be gained from knowing you can indulge but also give. Happy days indeed.