Vegan Fathers Day gift ideas might not be as difficult to source as you think. The world is embracing the shift towards ethical ways of eating, living and preserving. With the 'new' outlook on how we go about our everyday affairs comes a host of opportunities and choices for those with a desire to get in tune with the planet.


Soon, Sunday 18th June this year to be exact, there will be another well observed family occasion. Fathers Day, up there now with Mothers Day as a must be noted sort of day. Nothing wrong with that but what do you get for the old fellow? Slippers? Cigars? Maybe not quite what you'd set your mind on to mark this particular day, save those for Christmas or his birthday. No Fathers day is a bit more open to diverse gifts to simply show how much dad is appreciated or to just say, hey, thanks for being there.


Fathers day presents


Ferrari, new lawnmower, lifetime subscription to the National Trust? Don't rule them out altogether but you really need not go to extreme lengths to get across the fact you appreciate him. Also if your father has taken up the challenge to eat healthily and be aware of our impact on our world, then there's never been a better time to get him something suitable. You could check out some of the vegan clothing sites that are out there now. Hoody, t-shirt, there's options to be found.


Vegan Fathers day gift ideas


So if you can, and you want to splash your cash, you should find a wide range of vegan companies out there ready to oblige and lighten your wallet, your vegan wallet that is.

But if it's about the gesture and the sentiment then you probably don't need to go mad. Yes keep it vegan, but keep it real too. Dad will appreciate the thought more than the price tag for sure.


With that in mind may we point you in the direction of 15 vegan gift ideas for fathers day that will hit the spot but won't break the bank. Kakoa, a vegan gem when it comes to chocolates, can offer you the UK's largest range to make his day.


1. Vegan Fathers Day Chocolate Collection


With excellent chocolates such as Ultimate peanut butter, Rum bomb and Divine Viennese to kick off the taste fest, your dad will be thanking you for these super stars of the vegan chocolate world. Making him a vegan fathers day gift to savour is within your grasp and a mere click away. The legendary Sea salted caramel or maybe the Exceptional espresso Martini will be his favourites.


2. Vegan Tipsy - 24 chocolate collection


Does your dad like a tipple? Sorted. Take him these and watch him smile with anticipation. Some beaut flavours that will knock him over without, er, knocking him over! Tipsy champagne and Cheeky Gin to name but two of these crackers with a kick.


3. Vegan Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur


Look, we are not suggesting that your dad drinks a bit but while on the subject it would be a shame not to mention our liqueur. Our Vegan, Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur that is. Smooth rich and indulgent, fine words for a finely crafted Liqueur.


4. Vegan Jaffa Orange 8 chocolate box


If you just want to make a small gesture, then check these out for a perfect fit. Oat milk dark truffles that will be presented in a smart geo design. It's not big but it is clever.



5. Vegan Merlot


Ok so we're back on the drinks trail but bear with us. This smashing red is specially selected to pair up with our chocolates. Oh there's a thought, buy him both. A great Vegan fathers day gift idea indeed. Rich, full bodied and spicy with an aroma of blackberry and vanilla. Produced in the vineyards of Puicheric from grapes harvested in Southern France.


6. Vegan Iconic Just Milk - 15 Chocolate Collection


A rather good box of milk chocolates with some banging centres. Epic Turkish Delight - Lemon, The Pretzel 1 and Awesome Brownie jump out as you decide which one to treat yourself to first, if you are the lucky dad on the receiving end that is.


7. Vegan Lush Milk - 8 Chocolate Box


Some cracking things come in small packages. Chalk one up for our Vegan Lush Milk chocolate box with 8 delicious truffles. Small, simple but very effective.


8. Vegan Cocoa Gin


Not a cheeky one this time, but instead delicately flavoured with cocoa nibs, angelica and juniper, coriander and vanilla,creating a super gin to be enjoyed at any time. Fling it into a cocktail or swizz it with a tonic for a refreshingly good G & T.


9. Vegan Iconic Hot Chocolate


Been a long day? 'Old lad' a bit tired and ready for his pipe and slippers? Throw in a nice cup of Iconic hot chocolate and round off that perfect day for him. Blended from West African cocoa beans which have been cracked to leave only the nibs which are roasted, ground and separated to leave only a wonderful cocoa powder. Simply add the vegan milk of your choice to create that satisfying night cap. Bliss.


10. Vegan Awesome Brownie - 8 Chocolate Box


We all know that one guy who wants his cake and eats it. If thats your dad then here's a spot on vegan fathers day gift idea for him. Awesome and fantastic brownie chocolates. A take on a classic cake that works. The secret to a great brownie is the cacao content and we haven't skimped on our dark side here with a huge 60% contribution. Wrap that in a delightful 40% cacao milk coat with just the right amount of biscuit crumb for texture and, Boom! Awesome is as awesome does.



11. The Pretzel 1


Sweet and savoury is always a winner and in this combo of ours even more so. A simple but fair choice to put a smile on dad's face. A very nicely presented vegan Fathers Day gift idea, coming as do most of our offerings in a fine liveried geometric design 'coat' or some might say box, but you know, tomayto tomahto etc etc. A 50% hazelnut praline enrobed in vegan milk chocolate adorned with creamy oat milk white chocolate and crowned with pretzel chunks.


12. Vegan Legendary Salted Caramel


Whoever it was that dreamt up salting caramel and combining it with chocolate certainly knew what they were doing An established favourite among chocolate lovers there aren't many of us who do not love caramel. Having put these together it would be a shame not to have a package that repeats the enjoyment of caramel after caramel. A year in development has enabled us to offer you a massively popular chocolate. Go on make them you vegan fathers day gift idea.


13. Vegan Ultimate Peanut Butter


Staying on the theme of vegan fathers day gift ideas which are a little single minded, try giving our Ultimate peanut butter award winners. Thats right, Great Taste Award winning peanut butter that will have dad singling you out for praise.


14. The Best Gift?


As a top vegan fathers day gift idea, or any fathers day idea, what about just making time to pop round, give a bit of time and say thanks dad. For being there, being you and for all you do. Ok, if you insist take some vegan chocolates with you, icing on the cake and all that?