If you’re looking for the very best vegan chocolate flavours then dive into KAKOA's plant-based delights. With the largest range on offer in the UK, there's a good chance you will find your favourite with us.

In the world of chocolate, the creamy richness of milk chocolate and the deep intensity of dark chocolate reign supreme. But for those following a vegan lifestyle, indulging in these delectable treats often comes with a side of disappointment. Thankfully, the landscape of vegan chocolate is evolving, and KAKOA is at the forefront of this delicious revolution. Their dedication to using premium plant-based ingredients and innovative flavour combinations has resulted in a collection of vegan chocolates that rival their dairy counterparts in every way.


The Rise of Vegan Chocolate:


Vegan chocolate, once considered an afterthought with a reputation for being chalky and flavourless, is experiencing a well-deserved surge in popularity. Consumers are increasingly seeking delicious and ethical alternatives to traditional chocolate, and vegan options are stepping up to the plate (or should we say, bar?). Here at KAKOA, we are striving to give you the best vegan chocolate to satisfy your taste buds and your conscience.


KAKOA's Commitment to Plant-Based Excellence:


KAKOA understands that taste is paramount. They meticulously source high-quality, ethically-sourced cocoa beans and pair them with innovative plant-based milks and flavourings. This commitment to quality ensures that every bite of their vegan chocolate delivers an explosion of flavour and a luxuriously smooth texture.


Exploring the Best of KAKOA's Vegan Chocolate Flavours:


1. Vegan Ultimate Peanut Butter Chocolates


The clue is in the title really. Best vegan chocolate flavour in an Ultimate peanut butter confection. Theres nothing to dislike about a chocolate such as these, unless of course peanuts are not for you.Other than that, these are afer all, Great Taste Award winning chocolates which will be loved by anyone you give them to, including yourself. Super creamy oat milk together with a superb truffle centre guarantee great taste in the very best vegan chocolate flavour around.



2. Vegan Tipsy 15 Chocolate Selection.


When you just can’t quite decide which is your ‘fave’, or there’s so little to choose between them, then a selection of 5 of the very best vegan chocolate flavours we have might just help you out. The element that may swing you more to these particular beauties is the fact that each has a little bit of a kick as well as awesome taste. Dazzling Strawberry and Champers, exceptional Espresso Martini, Tipsy Champagne, Cheeky Gin and to finally ‘blow’ your buds, Rum Bomb. You may not become intoxicated but you will find them intoxicating as they say.


3. Vegan Iconic Chocolate Collection


So, if you manage to find your heaven amongst our 5 tipsy flavours then thats great , and well done you! However if you like challenges and tasting damn fine choclates too, then our Iconic collection could be for you. Did we say 18? Yes, 18 amazing flavours in one box. Wow your friends and loved ones with the best vegan chocolate flavours to be found, all 18 of them. Epic Turkish Delight Lemon, Divine Viennese make up just two of the excellent offerings in the Iconic collection. But we think they give a good insight into what they hold in store for the adventurous chocolate lover.



4. Dark Side Chocolates


Because we are all different we have given a wide variety of flavour choice to our chocolate lovers. In this case, despite the title, this dark side is a reference to the rich dark chocolate that goes into making the Dark Side we offer. Great taste award winning darkness too. With plaudits such as; A thick chocolate shell, the dark chocolate has a rich and fruity flavour. The praline centre is bursting with notes of roasted hazelnuts and milky coffee, it is tasty and enjoyable. It sounds good too doesn’t it?




KAKOA's dedication to plant-based chocolate extends beyond traditional .


Our truffles for example are amongst the finest and are arguably the best vegan chocolates to be found. We offer a variety of decadent options to be savoured and tasted.Theres plenty more chocolate finery to be discovered, amongst the best vegan chocolate flavours we have. Hesitation gets you nowhere. Be quick, be decisive be spoiled with our best vegan chocolate flavours. Oh yes, you can enjoy any or all of our best vegan chocolate flavours with a satisfaction that comes from knowing you are giving back to the planet. Eat chocolate, plant sea grass, sounds like it should catch on really.