The world of desserts can feel off-limits for those following a vegan lifestyle. But fear not, plant-based friends! The realm of vegan desserts is overflowing with creativity, indulgence, and of course, mouthwatering flavour. This article will be your guide to exploring the possibilities, featuring some delectable options that incorporate the delicious vegan chocolates from KAKOA.


Sweet Satisfaction Without Compromise


The key to successful vegan desserts lies in finding suitable replacements for dairy products. Fortunately, there's a plethora of plant-based alternatives that can achieve similar textures and flavours. Here are some common swaps you can make:




Opt for non-dairy milk options like almond milk, soy milk, cashew milk, or coconut milk. Each offers a slightly different taste profile, so experiment to find your favourite.




Vegan butter sticks made with plant-based fats like coconut oil or avocado oil work beautifully in baking. You can also use mashed bananas or apple sauce for added moisture.




Coconut cream, whipped to a light and fluffy consistency, is a fantastic substitute for whipped cream. Silken tofu can also be used in some recipes for a creamier texture.




There are several egg replacements you can explore. Mashed bananas or flaxseed meal mixed with water can provide binding properties. Aquafaba, the leftover liquid from canned chickpeas, can be whipped to create a meringue-like texture.


Indulge with Rich and Creamy Vegan Desserts


Now that you're armed with some substitution knowledge, let's explore some delicious vegan desserts:


Chocolate Mousse


This classic dessert takes on a new life with a vegan twist. Use silken tofu, melted vegan chocolate (like KAKOA's Iconic Vegan Milk Chocolate), and a touch of vanilla extract to create a decadent mousse that's light and airy. Top it with fresh berries or a sprinkle of chopped KAKOA vegan chocolate nibs for added texture. There you have it, a light and fluffy vegan dessert to savour.


Vegan Brownies


This beloved dessert can be easily turned into a vegan delight. Use a blend of flours like almond flour and oat flour, along with melted KAKOA vegan chocolate, melted vegan butter, and a touch of maple syrup for sweetness. Bake until soft, similar to fudge texture, and enjoy warm with a scoop of vegan ice cream.


Fruit Crumble


This comforting vegan dessert showcases the beauty of seasonal fruits. Use a combination of your favourites, like apples, peaches, or berries. Top them with a crumble made from rolled oats, chopped nuts, and a drizzle of melted KAKOA vegan chocolate. Bake until golden brown and bubbly.


Vegan Cheesecake


Yes, you read that right! A creamy cheesecake is achievable without dairy. Use a cashew-based crust made from blended cashews, dates, and a touch of cinnamon. For the filling, blend soaked cashews, coconut cream, lemon juice, and a touch of maple syrup. Top with fresh fruit or a drizzle of melted KAKOA vegan chocolate. Freeze to set and enjoy a silky smooth cheesecake experience. This is sure to go down as a vegan dessert treat for your dinner guests.


Beyond Baking: No-Bake Treats for the Busy Vegan


Don't have time to bake? No problem! Here are some quick and easy vegan desserts:


Frozen Fruit Pops


Blend your favourite fruits with a splash of plant-based milk and a touch of maple syrup. Pour into popsicle moulds and freeze for a refreshing and healthy treat. Drizzle with melted KAKOA vegan chocolate for extra decadence.


Nice Cream


Frozen bananas blended with a splash of plant-based milk and flavourings like cocoa powder or peanut butter creates a creamy "nice cream" that's perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth. Top with chopped KAKOA vegan chocolate or drizzle with melted chocolate for a chocolaty twist and a remarkably simple vegan dessert.


The KAKOA Advantage: Vegan Chocolate Indulgence


When creating vegan desserts, using high-quality vegan chocolate makes a world of difference. KAKOA offers a variety of delicious vegan chocolates that are perfect for incorporating into your sweet creations. Their chocolates are ethically sourced and free from artificial flavours and preservatives, ensuring you get pure, delicious chocolate in every bite.


Here are some KAKOA vegan chocolates that are ideal for desserts:



Epic Turkish Delight Vegan Milk Chocolate


There's no point in making things up as you go along. That’s why we import our Turkish Delight directly from………...Turkey! Makes sense really. If you want the best then go to the best source. After receiving the delicately lemon and rose flavoured delight we remove 75% of the sugar coating because chocolate doesn’t adhere well to sugar. Then, we richly robe it in the vegan milk chocolate that is our signature product and voila! You have a wonderful vegan dessert chocolate which, whilst light enough to keep you balanced, still hits the spot to satisfy your craving for a sweet end to dining.



Vegan Exceptional Espresso Martini


Often the preferred end to a fine meal, a strong coffee. Here we give you a doubly good option in the shape of our Exceptional Espresso Martini chocolates. Substitute them for your coffee and your dessert or maybe add them to your hot coffee. Whichever way you choose you will be choosing well. We bring together the right amount of alcohol, coffee and of course rich vegan chocolate to allow you to impress your guests. A sensational vegan dessert option for sure.