Dairy free white chocolate, is, perhaps not surprisingly, available, and, in our humble opinion here at KAKOA, very nice dairy free white chocolate it is too, (our vegan dairy free that is). White chocolate is often overlooked and doesn't have quite the draw of it's siblings, dark and milk. We all know that satisfaction gained from the smoothly melting sensation of milk chocolate. The rich, slightly bitter taste of fine dark chocolate. But there is the other option, creamy, silky smooth white chocolate. But it really is a fine choice, which if you're vegan, and if you're reading this you most likely are, is manufactured in our planet friendly domain where the KAKOA brand leads the field.

Dairy Free White Chocolate

Firstly, some of the finer, small but important details for those of you looking to satisfy the white chocolate desire. In essence, white chocolate, be it dairy, dairy free or vegan, is a confectionery and is typically made from sugar, milk, or milk products, and cocoa butter but no cocoa solids.

Dairy free white chocolate and vegan white chocolate may sound the same but they are different. That is because dairy free white chocolate may still contain non-vegan friendly ingredients (notably the sugar used by many manufacturers). That might sound a little bit weird so lets clear things up. Often, sugar during its refining process utilises ingredients obtained from animals. So, you may well be thinking, "But surely sugar comes from a plant", and it does but bone char, which is used as part of the refining process is obtained from animal bones, rendering it unsuitable for vegans.

Don't throw away the urge to buy some delicious creamy white chocolate just yet though. Because you can enjoy some of the finest vegan white chocolate from our extensive range at KAKOA.

Vegan White Chocolate

You may already be aware that KAKOA, leaders in the field when it comes to finest vegan chocolates, have an extensive range of superb goodies to choose from. Even better then if white chocolate is your preferred indulgence as we also have a great range of vegan white chocolates to enjoy. Making great chocolate is a passion for us, made even more satisfying when we can achieve such fantastic results with a clear conscience, and ultimately returning some benefit to our environment. How so? Well for all our efforts and in return for your valued support we plant sea grass, a superb environment 'helper'. Check our website for more details about our sea grass promise.

While you are checking, you might want to cast a discerning eye over that previously mentioned, crackingly good range of vegan white chocolate beauties. With that in mind, let us give you some ideas and, a little encouragement, as we outline some of the choice available to you from our range.

Crafted by us over many weeks, our creamy vegan white chocolate is blended from oat and rice milk to produce that trademark taste. Fine ingredients brought together in the search of vegan white chocolate perfection we humbly suggest. Plant based quality that comes to life in chocolate from.

Vegan supreme cookies and cream chocolates.

Now these little gems are our take on the iconic ice cream flavour. Rich creamy oat milk making a smooth white chocolate to coat our vegan cookie crumb delights. Almost takes you into summer mode perhaps?


Vegan mega white chocolate truffles.

Grand title, great chocolates. Vegan white chocolate with a hint of vanilla for extra richness, sublime.


Vegan dazzling strawberry and champagne.

Very nice and for a special thank you or surprise, or just because you want them, you can't go wrong with this choice. Combining the quality of real strawberries with our blend of rice and oat milk giving that rich creamy plant based excellence in chocolate form.

Don't let the grass grow under your feet as they say, pay us a visit and feel good about your chocolates and yourself. Remember, for every order placed we contribute to the planting of more sea grass and thus, the well being of our environment. So you really can be naughty but nice.