Vegan Mothers day ideas you say. Yep, it's closing in pretty quick. In fact there's a little over 4 weeks in which to search out those vegan mothers day ideas and gifts. To be fair there are many treats for your mum that can fit within the vegan sphere of giving. A nice trip out into the countryside in the car, not exclusively vegan as an idea but always a good one to keep mum happy. If the car journey is not vegan, it might be a bit more planet friendly if the car of choice is an electric model. Then perhaps a beeline for a nice country pub with a vegan menu on hand as your destination? On the subject of vegan menus and food for the environmentally conscious, there's good news ahead.


Maybe a theatre visit, universal again and a great way of entertaining mum too. If you want to impress her, and if she is a fan of cruelty free clothing might be the answer. There are a growing number of vegan clothing retailers to keep her inwardly guilt free and outwardly fashion guilty. From high street favourites such as New Look you can find mum a nifty pair of vegan shoes or trainers. Vegan specific clothing outlet Vegan Happy Clothing and a number of others provide a new way to keep your vegan mum in fine clothing and good spirits.


Lets be honest. There are loads of ways out there to treat mum, but when a balloon ride over her well kept semi is maybe just a bridge too far, or abseiling down the local town hall spire is just out of her comfort zone, well, there is always chocolate. In fact there is Vegan Mothers day chocolate.


For a long time now the mighty box of chocolates has been an absolute diamond (in a manner of speaking) as a mothers day gift idea. Even better for those of us who like to be at ease with our conscience then, that we can now make some sound ethical chocolate choices. To that end we can really hit the spot with a great vegan mothers day chocolate idea. Up there with the much loved bouquet of flowers, maybe even ahead, the chocolate is a steadfast go to for gifting.


If you want a superb vegan mothers day idea then click into KAKOA where you can search Britain's largest selection of vegan chocolates. Cracked it. Give her a fine box of top quality vegan chocolates and put a bit of icing on top. Remember to tell her that along with making her day you've given back to the planet by adding to our sea grass planting efforts. Win win this mothers day then.



Do we really have Britain's largest selection? Too right we do! Smashing centres in beautiful boxes, fashioned by us with passion for your pleasure.


KAKOA delights


They say dress to impress, and our iconic collection does just that while also giving a fantastic selection of superb centres for your mum to enjoy. Presented in striking geometric design bio degradable packaging, these beauties are ticking loads of boxes for your vegan mothers day idea. You might want to linger and help her decide from favourites such as Cheeky Gin, Supreme Cookies and Cream or will it be Legendary Salted Caramel or perhaps Ultimate Peanut Butter. Aye Caramba! We never said it would be easy now did we but it's a worthy challenge to find the number one centre.


Vegan Tipsy Chocolate Collection



Nobody is saying mum likes a tipple. But, if she does she won't go far wrong with our Tipsy collection. Oat and rice milk chocolates with centres such as Rum Bomb that would make a pirate yo ho ho. Again beautifully boxed and as ever each purchase gives back with our donation to sea grass planting. Go on. Make Mother's day.