Ever wondered how you might make a vegan espresso Martini? Sounds good, and if you like your Martini with a kick of caffeine it's a cool idea. Where do it's origins lie though? Well one of the most popular nods is given to the 1980's creation of a Soho barman, by the name of Dick Bradsell. The drink has also been attributed various titles, Vodka Espresso and the Pharmaceutical Stimulant for example, the latter during Dick's time at The Pharmacy bar. During the Martini fad of the 80's it acquired the modern name of Espresso Martini.


Again, if the stories are genuine it was inspired by a young Kate Moss who gave her particular requirements for a pick me up drink to the bartender Bradsell. She wanted something along the lines of a drink to "Wake me up", then, well, .... best leave that there for decency.


In answer to the needs of young Miss Moss how did Bradsell go about it? How did he make his Espresso Martini?



Essentially, a vodka base, coffee liqueur and sugar syrup with finally, strong, top quality espresso. The quality of the espresso is paramount to the quality of the finished cocktail. Pour into an ice filled shaker and do that with some vigour. Shake it that is. Pour through a fine strainer and garnish with 3 coffee beans. Obviously all these ingredients need to be cold before being combined and you may like to chill your cocktail glasses in the fridge before serving to give that added freshness and chill factor.

A classic way of making an espresso Martini.


Coffee liqueur


What sort of coffee liqueur do you want to put into your espresso Martini is entirely up to yourself and your principles. However the standard one is Kahlua or perhaps Tia Maria.


Thats where we leave the story for our vegan customers because these liqueurs are not vegan friendly due to some of their contents.


What we are interested in, with KAKOA's commitment to responsible sourcing and producing, is a vegan espresso Martini recipe for you to enjoy with a clear conscience

Not to worry though because there are ways in which we can answer the question of how to make a vegan espresso Martini. Good news for the cocktail lovers amongst us.


As this is an extremely popular cocktail, none of us need to miss out on it's silky smooth uplifting characteristics and effects. Happy days then when a shot of energy is needed to keep the night buzzing along.



Vegan coffee liqueurs


How to make a vegan espresso Martini then, as Paddy McGuinness would say, "the power is in yer hands". There are some cracking vegan espresso Martini recipe alternatives out there.


Here's one of our favourite vegan espresso Martini recipes from the vegan food and living website.





100ml Vodka (we suggest go big or go home - quality is everything) 50ml freshly brewed espresso (again quality is important)

50ml vegan coffee liqueur




1. Make a sugar syrup from caster sugar and water. Beware, make sure your sugar is vegan as due to process methods much of our sugar isn't. This can easily be checked on the packaging.


2. Boil the sugar in 50ml water until fully dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool.


3. Chill 2 glasses in the fridge.


4. Put 1 tbsp of the cold syrup into a shaker with a handful of ice, vodka, liqueur and the espresso then shake for at least 10 seconds.


5. Strain into your chilled glasses and garnish with 2/3 coffee beans.


Finally, sit back raise your glass and enjoy the awesome flavour of a classic cocktail, vegan style.


If you like to keep things simple, then here is a very easy vegan espresso Martini recipe that you can impress your party guests with time after time.





Baileys Almande Dairy FreeAlmond Drink


(As with any vegan espresso Martini the better the quality of your ingredients, the greater the likelihood of smashing out a superbly smooth cocktail)


Bring all the ingredients together in a shaker and give it some oomph. Strain into your chilled glass of choice and voila.




Vegan Exceptional Espresso Martini Chocolates


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Now that's rich.