It's probably something most people haven't even given a thought to, or even known about, which would be understandable, but in an ever more aware and concerned world, sea grass has an important role to play in the welfare of the planet. It really is worth 'knowing about' and encouraging the planting and caring for it in our marine habitats. Why plant seagrass? Well, it has the ability to absorb carbon at an impressive rate, which in a climate struggling with the effects of fossil fuel indulgence is a hugely effective way of offsetting some of that indulgence. Aiding the carbon absorption is only one reason why sea grass is important though.


Grass or trees?


Why plant seagrass when we could be planting trees?

Whilst there is an understandable clamour for saving the rainforests and tree planting across the world on a large scale, it would be wise to consider how sea grass, this unassuming marine plant, can give the earth a boost in our efforts to stabilise man's impact.


Importantly, sea grasses are the only flowering plants to grow in the marine environment. They consist of 60 species in four families and they are important to us, not only for carbon absorption but to many forms of marine life, as shelter and feeding grounds in a challenging environment.


The dense sea grass meadows are in fact among the most productive ecosystems we have in the world. They provide habitat and food for a diversity of life comparable to those found in coral reefs, as well as being important carbon sinks. The carbon sink effect means they can absorb carbon and retain it for an indefinite period, meaning that carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere.


Kakoa and sea grass


As a leading UK vegan chocolate manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to sea grass planting as a conscientious means of 'giving back'. The planet we live on is deeply dependent on our efforts to find cleaner, greener and less or indeed non – harmful ways for us to enjoy it as our home. It is with this at the forefront of our companies wish to be balanced between business success and environmental care that our philosophy is one of, 'Buy chocolate, plant sea grass'. So,we are not just reaping the rewards and leaving an irreparable mark, we are giving back.


We invite you to join us on our journey to a better safer world where enjoying a 'guilty pleasure' doesn't mean you are guilty of anything other than your enjoyment. Why plant seagrass you might ask again. It isn't a case of either or, we can produce the finest chocolate, with responsibly sourced ingredients, friendly biodegradable packaging, and with a final flourish, put something back into the environmental 'pot'. Thats a pretty good reason for buying Kakoa chocolates alone but knowing that your purchase is helping 'heal' the planet, well thats a great reason why we should plant seagrass.


Sea grass facts


Why should we plant seagrass then? Well consider the statement below for a powerful reason. Over the last 100 years or so, the UK has lost 92 per cent of its sea grass meadows. When you consider the grass is a nursery for many marine species, a feeding ground for many more and a home for lots in between you can begin to see the importance of reintroducing and caring for it. Consider this, the trees planted as a nod to the planet are often not considered for diversity and wildlife sustenance, but simply as carbon reapers. Measure that against the ability of sea grass to absorb carbon at a rate some 35 times that of rain forests and you begin to feel the weight of

importance it could bear. Did we mention sea grass alone absorbs 10 per cent of the oceans carbon each year? No, well it does, despite only covering 0.2% of the sea floor. Thats really impressive we are sure you'll agree.


An often used description for some life sustaining environments is to say they are teeming with life. Well, take a 10,000m2 area of sea grass and if you could count them all, you might easily find 80,000 fish and over a million invertebrates! Now thats an impressive set of figures, provided by the WWF, thankfully, and quite a bit of teeming to boot.


Whilst we are grateful to the WWF for providing that statistical nugget, we don't seek gratitude for our policy. The one that gives 5% of every purchase to the cause of planting sea grass meadows. Because we can, we do. Because you can, (buy great chocolates guilt free), you can help and together we can make a difference. Kakoa is teeming with great ideas and innovation. Be part of the journey.