In answer to the question, "Is Turkish Delight vegan or vegetarian"? it's helpful to look into the history and ingredients of traditional Turkish Delight. The confection, or should we say it's grand name, certainly has you thinking of a rather special sweet treat. Some of you may even remember the exotic TV advert of the 70's for a certain company's 'chunk' of chocolate covered Turkish Delight back in the day.


There's maybe even a clue here, in the chocolate covering, because at that time veganism was relatively unheard of and so any chocolate covering would undoubtedly be from a dairy source.



Vegan Turkish Delight


However, in contradiction to the above, historically, the ingredients of this deliciously soft, chewy, beautifully flavoured feast are in fact vegan. Although the origins of Turkish Delight are not precisely known, we know that it was produced in the late 18th century in Iran (Persia), and Turkey. The Turkish Delight, Lokum to use it's Ottoman Turkish title, refers to a group of sweets based on a type of gel formed from sugar and starch.


So is Turkish Delight vegan or vegetarian then? Well earliest forms were certainly vegan with this gel sweet, where the top of the range offerings mainly contained chopped dates or various nuts including pistachios, hazel and walnuts which were bound by the gel.


More traditional varieties contained flavourings such as rosewater and lemon. The sweets are often presented in cube form with a dusting of icing sugar or maybe cream of tartar, both of which help to prevent sticking or clinging of the gel form cubes.


As you can see from those ingredients this is very much an entirely plant based confection making this Turkish Delight an unreservedly vegan affair. Happy days for the vegan who wants to delight themselves with some exotic eastern fare.



Vegan or Vegetarian


Whist on the delighting theme, there is another way to bring some special sweets to a vegan in your life.

Like making your own stuff? Think it's worth a little time and effort to get that lovely indulgence in return? There are many recipes out there, but to be honest, delicious as it is, it is labour intensive.


So if it seems just a bit too much like hard work, let your fingers do the walking and our vegan Turkish Delight will do the talking. You know the beauty of the vegan confection is it usually suits a vegan too, making it a definite win win whichever you are.

There you go then, if you love the idea of animal and planet friendly foods, kind confectionery with positive returns, you know you can enjoy our vegan Turkish Delight with the reassurance that we 'give back', #plantseagrass.


Epic Turkish Delight Vegan Milk Chocolate


We get it. Turkish delight with the dusting of icing sugar is fab. But sometimes, like there's the need for speed, there's the need to soothe the fire of a chocolate desire. So with that in mind we have our Epic Turkish Delight Vegan Milk Chocolate gift box. Fragrant rose and zesty lemon centres tantalise while our awesome rice milk creamy chocolate tackles that, "I want chocolate", voice we all hear at times. No guilt here. Cruelty free, wonderfully put together vegan milk chocolate that indulges your inner desires and stays friendly to the rest of the planet. Win win situation.



Vegetarian Turkish Delight


If you as yet haven't become fully vegan, and would see yourself as vegetarian thats OK too. There are vegetarian choices of this knockout confection. To be fair you'll probably be happy with both types and might even find it hard to choose between them.

Pass that bat, throw me one down, crack, can you see that? Thats us knocking it out of the park with our Milk Chocolate Turkish Delight. Endowed with the same authentically sourced cubes of heaven from Turkish experts before being lavishly dipped by hand into our fine milk chocolate. Smoooth, enticing, wonderfully aromatic and perfect with the delicate essence of rose and lemon infused within them.


Is Turkish Delight vegan or vegetarian? Well in short, it is both. It is also absolutely lovely and we have loads of it!

Visit our website, search on Turkish Delight, spend ages choosing. Simple stuff, simply great.