Thanks for stopping by at our brand new website, Kakoa, where we showcase our great Vegan range of chocolates. Completely vegan focused, (probably as much as you are yourselves if you searched us out online) and with a mission to give the planet some respect and care at the same time as giving vegan chocolate loving people a wider choice. Its an even better time to check us out with Fathers Day fast approaching. Read on to find out how we got here and discover some super Vegan Fathers Day Gifts as well as ‘any occasion’, Vegan Gifts for Men.

We began our journey in a kitchen. Richs kitchen actually, where he worked some magic to give his vegan wife a choice of some rather nice chocolates. It wasnt just a case of him getting up one morning and saying, “Thats a good idea, I’ll give it a whirl”.



No, it was because the choices open to him were at best limited and at worst downright poor. His passion and now that of Kakoa, is to use natural plant based ingredients to produce top quality chocolates. Add to that the clever, smart design, biodegradable packaging and finally the knowledge that when you buy you aid the planet (planting sea grass) and boom! What's not to like and feel good about?


Trying them out on friends and family, (best to risk it on people close to you) he got some great feedback. Coming from such a demanding testing ground has made us confident that our Vegan Fathers Day gifts and Vegan Gifts for Men will be smashing it this Fathers Day.


Father's Day


Fast forward, and with the cooperation of his business partner, (and brother) Michael, Kakoa was born and here we are today.

The name, Kakoa is a nod of acknowledgment to the pairs’ German mother, Gina, a huge influence.


Welcome to responsible, planet friendly, and animal cruelty free chocolate. If you care, as we know you do, then this is the place to be. We want to bring you the best while giving you the chance to make a difference.



Lets get this idea soaring and become the ‘norm for all, not just a niche for a few. Join us on our journey to a better future for all. We realise its a play on words but lets plant the seed that will one day see all chocolate made this way.


Down to business then and dispelling some of the myths. Vegan does not mean less taste, less texture or any other ‘not as good as dairy ‘twaddle’ you may have heard.


These chocolates whether in dark or milk are very good. Most, probably wont be able to tell the difference of ingredients at all and wouldnt know they were different unless told. We are confident that if you give them to your father this year you can tell him with no worries.


So take a minute to consider the options (there are quite a few), for the finest Vegan Fathers Day Gifts and top range Vegan Gifts for Men we have available.