With Father's Day fast approaching, we want to give you 5 Vegan Father's Day Gift ideas to make his day. With the origins of the day as a celebration steeped in history, we are proud to offer you a thoroughly modern take with eco and animal friendly gifts for the father figure in your life.


Father's day as we know it was first put forward as an idea in the USA. Sonora Smart DODD was the lady behind the idea as a tribute to her father, who raised Sonora and her siblings after the untimely death of his wife during childbirth. Later given a place in legislation by President Richard Nixon, the day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June.

This year it will be on Sunday 19th June.


Vegan fathers day chocolate collection


Open the striking geometric design box and let your dad explore some amazing flavours. We’re talking Mega White, Ultimate Peanut Butter, Dark Side and lots more. Super styled chocolates with fantastic centres and flavours in white, milk and dark. There's even ones with a dash of rum or champagne. A fabulous vegan gift at any time but a special vegan Father's Day gift. If there is a problem it will likely be deciding which one he likes best.


Father's Day




Nothing at all to do with being vegan, some folks just prefer milk chocolate. If thats your dad then no problem, give him these. A cracking vegan gift for men, but maybe even better for a vegan Father's Day gift. With an eclectic mix of fine fillings encased in some gorgeous milk chocolate watch his eyes light up when he sees them. Will it be the Epic Turkish Delight Lemon, the Legendary sea salted Caramel, or maybe the cheeky gin? Whatever sets his taste-buds whirling in appreciation you know you’ll have hit the spot.





Does your father like a tipple? Have him try out the Tipsy collection where he will be treated to some long time favourites, Exceptional Espresso Martini, Rum Bomb, Tipsy Champagne. Not only will these make the perfect Fathers Day gift expression of appreciation, but they would be a fine vegan gift for any man. He might not hear the clink of glasses but he will taste the authenticity of these great tipples. Thing is, will he share?




What about these for a vegan gift for men?

Lets speak plainly. Wow, these are good. A combination of sharp citrus and rich dark high percentage cacao chocolate. The bitterness of the dark chocolate balanced perfectly with the zesty power of the fruit. Delicious. If you sort dad out with these for his Father's Day Gift, dont be surprised if he drops a hint for them whatever time of the year!




If your fathers palate is, like our desire to be animal and planet friendly, single minded, then these award winning treats might be just the ticket. Super creamy with a delicious peanut butter centre give them with confidence he will love them. Give them as his Father's Day gift and enjoy the fact you’re making both a responsible and an excellent choice. If you dont give them to him for fathers day save them as a perfect vegan gift for men, any time.



These are only a few of our extensive range of vegan goodies. Dont forget, they can be teamed up with some vegan Merlot for the wine lover or maybe Prosecco for a little fizz and sparkle. There's a whole range of Vegan Fathers Day gift possibilities on our website. But, it doesnt have to stop there, give your menfolk a vegan gift for men from us any time. You never know, it might just kick start him into returning the favour.

Whatever you choose from our large Kakoa range you can do in the certain knowledge that when you give to your dad you’re also giving back to the planet.


We support a buy chocolate plant sea grass initiative. Dive in today and be part of the new ‘norm’.