It’s safe to say that whatever else vegan chocolate is made of, it sure isn’t derived from any animal products!

So what is vegan chocolate made of then?

Well in the absence of animal derived products it seems fairly straight forward that the alternative is plant based materials, which for the conscientious chocolate lover is great news. You can relax with the knowledge that your chocolate desires can be met and fulfilled with vegan splendidness. We were going to say ‘splendification’, which sounds fantastic but isn’t a word, but hey, who knows if its used often enough it might be adopted into the language.


Here is a little more in depth facts about what is vegan chocolate made of.



Vegan chocolate is made from the same basic ingredients as non-vegan chocolate, but it does not contain any animal products. This means that vegan chocolate does not contain any milk, butter, or other dairy products. It also does not contain any eggs or honey. Care is needed when selecting your vegan chocolate. Did you know that even sugar can be subject to a process that utilises animal bones? Yep, you really need to check what's in your treat.

The main ingredients in vegan chocolate are:

  • Cocoa beans:

Cocoa beans are the seeds of the cacao tree. They are roasted and ground to make cocoa powder, which is the main ingredient in chocolate.

  • Cocoa butter:

Cocoa butter is a natural fat that is extracted from cocoa beans. It gives chocolate its smooth, creamy texture.

  • Sugar:

Sugar is added to chocolate to sweeten it.

  • Emulsifier:

An emulsifier is a substance that helps to keep the ingredients in chocolate mixed together. Soy lecithin is a common emulsifier used in vegan chocolate.

In addition to these basic ingredients, vegan chocolate may also contain other plant-based ingredients, such as:

  • Plant-based milk:

Plant-based milks, such as soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk, can be used to replace dairy milk in chocolate.

  • Plant-based fats:

Plant-based fats, such as coconut oil and palm oil, can be used to replace cocoa butter in chocolate.

  • Natural flavours:

Natural flavours, such as vanilla extract and mint extract, can be used to flavour vegan chocolate.

Vegan chocolate is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people are choosing to follow a vegan diet. Vegan chocolate is just as delicious as non-vegan chocolate, and it is a better choice for people who are vegan or who have allergies or sensitivities to dairy products.

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What’s vegan chocolate made of? You could say its made from the ideals and dreams of those with a conscience and a concern for our animals, our planet and environment. It may be a delicious blending and bringing together of quality plant based ingredients per Se, but it has its roots in our hearts.