Why do people go vegan might seem a no brainer question to any vegan. But there are a number of reasons as to why people take the vegan option. The most obvious is a matter of conscience and a sense of what they feel is right.


Veganism is a way of life which in as far as is possible excludes the exploitation of all other animals for use of as food, clothing or any other purpose. In essence a real desire to prevent any and all forms of cruelty to animals. Bearing all that in mind it would seem pretty obvious why anyone with a deep respect for animals and their welfare has steered towards veganism. By the way thats not saying that others who aren't vegan have no respect or concern for animal welfare.


Why do people go vegan may seem a pretty simple question but it has a few difficult decisions attached. For example, due to the current regulations, all medicines have been tested on other animals. We all take advantage of modern medicines but will this fact make it a hard choice for some? Maybe. There will potentially, be some dilemmas along the line for 'devout' vegans when making choices about medications and practices where perhaps no suitable alternatives are to be found. There are though, more innovative and practical solutions becoming available for clothing suitable for vegans.As a diverse society we are benefiting from diverse thinking and greater technological developments which can aid our efforts at total abstinence from animal products



However the basic philosophy is commendable and ultimately based on compassion and a desire to be cruelty free to other animals. To be fair who could really condemn that outlook? Particularly when we as a nation think of ourselves as a nation of animal lovers.


Still there are additional reasons why people are vegan, and maybe not surprisingly, one of those is a sense of responsibility to our environment. With the ever increasing world population and demand for meat comes an increasing level of global warming. Large numbers of animals, notably cattle have a pretty dramatic impact on the planet. Yes, cows are sizeable beasts and as such leave sizeable deposits behind after eating. They are also quite adept at producing gas which in turn is known to contribute to the global warming aspect.


Why are people vegan?


Well for an increasing number veganism is seen as a health choice. There's plenty of documented knowledge about the increased risk of cancers among other diseases, that the consumption of animal based foodstuffs contribute to. Also taking into account that many of the popularly consumed products, dairy, some meats etc are high in fats that are just not good for the body when over consumed, we can see why many people are moving towards plant based diets. Cholesterol is widely perceived to be an area where healthy plant eating lifestyles can counter the risk of clogged arteries, heart disease etc.


So, although the above is not an exhaustive list of reasoning for becoming a vegan its fairly straightforward for most who are vegan to see the merits of taking it up. Of course many counter argue that plant based foods are boring, tasteless or not as good as other foodstuffs. To be fair, where once this might have been the case to an extent, there are now many excellent plant based foods out there. All the good shops and supermarkets now carry broad ranges of plant based foodstuffs. These range from milks to burgers to, well almost everything you might desire.


Why do people go vegan then? Well why not? They can get everything they require and need from their food with no harm coming to any animal. Why are people vegan? Because it's a good thing to do. It's humane and it's a matter of conscience, and like we can see, also a matter of health and well being.


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