Kakoa is really taking off this summer, introducing brand new Vegan chocolate flavours for the enthusiastic and responsible chocolate lover. With its roots firmly set in cruelty free and animal product free chocolates, Kakoa is stretching the boundaries with some fantastic brand new Vegan chocolate flavoured delights. Giving a more than substantial nod to those with a conscience, all these brand new vegan chocolate flavours are strikingly presented in biodegradable packaging and, dont forget, the contribution to conservation with our commitment to sea grass. Its a win win win when you buy from our extensive range.


Our website is new and with its fantastic range of 19, yes 19 chocolates, the UKs largest vegan chocolate range, including 6 brand new vegan chocolate flavours then where else would you go? Shoot over there rapid and treat yourself or someone you love to planet and animal friendly finest chocolates.

Our goal is to produce chocolates that do not damage the environment but give it a little bit of help. No animals were injured in the making of this………...you’ve all seen the film or programme with that footnote. Here its a fundamental and responsible truth.


Super chocolates packaged in fully biodegradable materials, yet still exuding the quality you’d expect from the number one choice giving producers of vegan confectionery in the UK, Kakoa.


6 Brand New Vegan Chocolate Flavours


If, like us, you became tired and frustrated trying to find choices for vegan chocolates, then you've found the right place here.Adding to our already extensive range, we are chuffed ,as they say, to bring you 6 brand new vegan chocolate flavours. Lets crack on and discover these sensational new vegan chocolate masterpieces.


With a name like that it has to be good, and it is. Combining sweet and savoury sensations in an epic style get your tongue involved with searching out that 50% hazelnut praline centre. Sharpened with a pinch of salt, then clad in finest vegan milk chocolate before being topped with our creamy oat milk white chocolate. Damn thats a mouthful, and a great one, but not before its capped with a generous helping of pretzel.





Awesome is as awesome does, and this little cracker does the awesome thing brilliantly. This brownie smashes the buds with a 60% cacao dark mix for the centre. Wrap it up in a 40% milk chocolate coat and give it a lift with some delicious biscuit crumb and boom. Smashed it.





In the world of brand new vegan chocolate flavours we unashamedly present, (and declare its top notch status), the Mega White vegan truffle. Putting out there a refined and irresistible, smooth taste experience. Infused with a hint of vanilla this is a stand alone truffle in white chocolate we believe is the best. Think not? Buy it, try it, love it.





It doesn't matter which way you tackle this little cutie. Crunch it, chip at it or let it melt its way through, if you can wait for all those fabulous flavours to strike home. Its an amazing brand new vegan chocolate flavour from Kakao. Whichever way you go it will go down well.A clever combo of rich vegan chocolate, alcohol and coffee, (drum roll) and wow! Superb, brill, fab, gorgeous, lovely, mint, tidy, are just a few of the descriptives for this bad boy. We added that last one.




Looking to spice things up a bit? No better way than with a brand new vegan chocolate flavour in the shape of our fiery ginger. Take a 60% dark cocoa content chocolate and warm it with a kick of real fiery ginger. There's a winning team for sure, hot to trot, too good not to go, dark and ginger, proper winner.




The last of our 6 brand new vegan chocolate flavours to get a mention here but by no means the least.A smashing addition to our range of ice cream flavours too. This beauty shouts out to summer but goes down great any time as a top treat. We’ve put together our signature plant based white chocolate, rich creamy oat milk and vegan cookie crumb to give you the goods with this take on the iconic ice cream flavour. Cant get down to the seaside right now? No problem, search Kakoa and click and pick. You could even get them delivered.


Remember, Kakoa has the UKs largest range of vegan chocolates, brings them to you in striking biodegradable packaging and puts back with a sea grass planting scheme. Its all good.

Win, win, win.