The best vegan BBQ desserts for sizzling summer get togethers will undoubtedly be those that you have put together yourself. In fact isn't that the great thing about the Barby? Crank up the coals (or gas if it's your thing) pull together the goods and throw them on to sizzle splendidly. Is there anything out there to evoke the brain more expectantly than the flame grilled fare of a summer BBQ?


The sun has had a look and decided its time to get the people outside. It's throwing out those rays and giving everyone the thumbs up for that seasonal speciality, the BBQ. Warmed by it's golden glow everyone's up for a party. 'Suns out, guns out', as the saying goes and if you've got the guns may as well use them to set up the BBQ. Cold beers, al fresco dining. Finest Vegan fare on the BBQ with some knockout desserts, ace. Just seems right.


Of course it may get pretty hot, but show me the man, or woman who doesn't like to round off that outdoor experience with an indulgence of decadent desserts.

Yes there's old and firm favourites but there's nothing like cooking up a treat in your own style. Maybe you just put the twist on a baked chocolate banana. Or, perhaps you have come up with the ultimate newbie. Everything's up for the honour when it comes to knocking up the best vegan BBQ dessert for a sizzling summer get together. After all isn't the best part of a BBQ the part that you have 'invented'?


If the party is at your place, or even if you just want to give the family a treat, if you have the skill set, and know how to make that vegan summer dessert you know you'll smash it. So lets talk Vegan BBQ desserts. Sounds a little strange maybe but it can be done.


OK, some things are desserts you just want to eat at a BBQ, but there are some you can actually cook on the coals so tune up your tools, give him his apron and the lighter and look in for some of the best vegan BBQ desserts to make your summer get togethers sizzle.


Best Vegan BBQ Desserts






Do you like bananas? Do you like fine chocolate? Sorted! Sometimes simple is just good. Take your banana and cut a slit along one side, then, take some of the finest dark chocolate vegan friendly buttons and pop them through the slit and into the banana. Finally seal in a foil 'coat' and pop them on the BBQ to cook for around 15 minutes. Oh my, you can almost taste them already. Lavish a dollop of vegan ice cream on them and enjoy a bit of BBQ heaven.




Another twist for the ever ready banana. Spice it up with salted caramel vegan buttons. Delicious and the oozing caramel just compliments the banana so well. If you like gooey sticky sweet, throw in some lovely mini vegan marshmallows for that extra kick.


Now we are not suggesting that all you BBQ cooks are drinkers, but, if you are how neat is this. You can add a dash of your favourite spirits to your banana desserts. This is just getting better for some. BBQ desserts, bananas, chocolate and to top it all off a little shot of ..............well, Vodka maybe, or rum is good or, well you get the idea. The door is open for you to experiment until your heart is content.





Tasting as good as they sound these little beauties are as simple as it gets but so naughtily nice it's unreal.A top vegan BBQ dessert for everyone to savour. Skewer your marshmallow, and toast, (carefully of course) on the BBQ. As easy as it gets but a cracking way to round off the feast. You can melt your chocolate in an oven proof dish on the grill and dip your marshmallows into it. Want to add a bit of a crunch, have some chopped nuts on standby, dip then dunk, nice.




There are plenty of other fruits that lend themselves to roasting on the BBQ for a classy Vegan BBQ dessert. Here are just a few vegan BBQ dessert ideas to check out. Don't stop at bananas. Hit up some Pineapple, always a winner. Kebab style it with your favourite combo's. Pineapple, strawberry, apple, there's no rules in this game. Smash it with chocolate dipping, or, whip up some vegan cream to smother fresh baked fruits. Add a little dark rum before cooking for an extra bit of flavour.

Have your ice cream on standby for a delicious addition to almost any dessert.


When all is said and done, you can cook just about anything on the BBQ that you can in the oven. It's mostly a case of foiling it well and sealing the parcel to keep in the roasted flavour.A BBQ doesn't have to conform, it can be the breaker of new ideas and dishes. Some of the best of those will be your vegan BBQ desserts, tailored to your mind's eye and hearts desire.

Here's to 'your' best vegan BBQ desserts for sizzling summer get togethers. Remember, sharing is caring.